Monthly 25 Cent Sale

The Give Back 25¢ Sale

The clothes come from Other Mothers Boise customers who have holdenkindly donated their leftover items (things we weren't able to use) to the Give Back 25¢ Sale. 

Over the course of a month, we separate these items into different groups, bag it, load and take them to storage till the last full weekend of the next month. 

The weekend of the sale, we retrieve, unload, and set up for the sale. We count and bag each customer's purchase, and assist customers.

After the sale, we re-bag, clean up, and transport the remaining items to charities in the Treasure Valley, or donate them to any organization who asks for them. WOW!...lots of work, but a fun sale for all.

This is a collaborative effort between our generous customers and Other Mothers Boise to provide this opportunity for our community. Our hope is that we are able to continue to provide a "hand up" for these grateful families.