Other Mothers Boise - How We Buy

With our 22 years of experience, we know which children's clothes and items sell well, and what doesn't. In an effort to bring you the best quality, we must make decisions based on this knowledge. 

Trade-ins are Fast and Easy -

Here's How!  

  • Process trade-ins from 10am to 5:30pm. 
  • No appointment needed. 
  • Bring in your clean, current, gently-used items. 
  • Sign in at the podium.  Fill out yellow card and tag your items.
  • Shop while we process your items.
  • Or, you may drop and go.  We will call you when we are finished.

For best value:

  • Bring in your SPRING/SUMMER items from Feb. 1 to July 31.
  • Bring your FALL/WINTER items from Aug. 1 to Jan. 31.
  • We accept items based on condition, brand, style, inventory levels, and demand.

If you have items that you feel may not be selected, we would like to encourage you to donate to the Give Back 25 cent Sale that supports our Treasure Valley community in need.

Please Meet The Following Standards For Trade-Ins

We purchase all things related to maternity and children based upon quality, quantity, saleability and safety enforced policies as stated below. 

clean laundry


  • Clean and ready to hang.
  • Current fashion. 
  • Very good to like new condition.
  • Smoke and odor free, no pet hair.
  • No stains, tears, pilling, missing buttons, broken zippers or excessive wear.
  • Older styles do not sell, even if they are name brand or new with tags.
  • We cannot accept items if we are "overstocked". Check back with us again. Our rack space dictates how many items we can carry at any time.





  • Clean
  • Must include all parts. Instructions and original box appreciated.
  • No recalled or toys which contain lead paint. Check for recalls at CPSC website. Click on Safety/Recall Info Link.
  • No stuffed toys.



crib repair


  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Clean.
  • Must include all parts.  Instructions appreciated.
  • Must meet current safety standards,
  • No recalls. Check for recalls at CPSC website. Click on Safety/Recall Info Link.
  • No breast pumps, diaper genies, or bottles.
  • No infant car seats over 3 yrs.
  • No full size car seats or boosters over 5 yrs. The manufacture date must be on the car seat.
  • No drop-side cribs as of June 2011.
  • Cribs must meet all safety standards
  • All furniture, swings, pack n go's, jumperoos, cribs must be assembled, so we can inspect for safety.